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California Lead Warning: California health & safety code § 25249.6 and proposition 65 are laws that were passed in the state of California, in an effort to provide a safer environment. Lead is found on the list. All darts made from brass have a 3% lead content. Click here for more information.

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LipPointsUSA Lips SHORT Lips No. 5 Acute (M3)
No. 5 Conversions

L-Style Tips
Made in Japan - Bombshell-Shaped
1-1/8" Long- Total Length (15/16" from Barrel)
Lip Points
50 ct- $5.00
Lippoint Tips
LIPPOINT features
1. Bombshell-shaped - Beautiful bombshell-shaped and hardly bounced off.
2. Nonslip - Effective for those who touch the tip and for quick-release.
3. Mirror-like finish - The mirror-like finish tip made it eaay to stick in and pull out. Its smooth surface will not damage the dartboard.
4. High percision screw - Hardly loosen and smooth and quick-release.
The dart's strength prevents the first throw from hanging onto the dartboard and getting in the way of the second throw. A mirror-like finished tip is made so that it is gentle on the dartboard and not easily bounced off, but easy to pull out.

L-Style Dart Tips
Made in Japan - Bombshell-Shaped
Short Lip Points

1-1/16" Long- Total Length (7/8" from Barrel)
Short Lippoints
Black - White - Orange - Snow - Hot Pink - Violet
black, white, orange, snow, hot pink, purple, violet
50 ct- $5.00

No. 5 dart tips
"No.5" is a Metric 1/8" unit of measure.

LipPoint No 5

L-Style Number 5 points
No.5 LipPoints

No. 5 dart tips - No.5
1-1/8" Total Length : Black, White, or Red
Manufactured in Japan.
Thread Diameter of No.5 is about 1.6mm thinner compared with 2BA tips. The structure of No5 barrels will be close to SLEEK... making the center of gravity more to the Front of the dart. The structure of No.5 barrels will raise the speed of darts with a straighter orbit compared to 2BA and also make them lighter than identical 2ba barrels.
Since using these tips will slimline the shape of the tip, the connection portion of the barrel become smooth which reduces "bounce outs" caused by the close-grouping.

Will NOT Fit in 2ba Darts!! Will NOT Fit in 99.9% of ANY Darts
50 ct: $6.50

No. 5 versus 2ba tips. #5 - number 5 tips
Outer Diameter of Threads: 2ba- 3/16" : No.5- 1/8"

Number 5 small tip for No. 5 darts

Lip Point No. 5 Dart Tips

DMC L-Style Acute Points
Acute LipPoints

acute dart points
22.4mm Length : Black or White

Manufactured in Japan.
Works with barrels that have acute-type "male" threads.
L-Style's Acute Lip was designed in collaboration with DMC to offer the same durability and performance as Lippoint; with Acute-style barrels.
With a mirror-like finish, many color variations, it's the perfect choice for acute-style players.
1) Ultra-high durability
2) Fits Acute-style male-threaded barrels
3) High-precision screw
Will NOT Fit in Any Darts Except "Acute" or "M3"!!

50 ct: $6.50

DMC Acute M3 Points

Acute darts - Acute Points

Hard Lip Conversion Points
Japanese Hard Lip Points - 25mm or 30mm
$12.00/box of TWO SETS (6 Points)
Model - Length:  
Hard Lip Point: an Exciting development from L-Style Japan

NOT for use with a soft tip board.

A hard, virtually unbreakable soft tip conversion point that weighs the same as a conventional soft tip; Newly-developed, unique material patented by material scientists at Lip Point laboratories in Japan; Use your soft tip darts with traditional bristle boards, with no change in weight or balance!

No.5 Conversion Points from Dynasty - Japan
Conversion Points for No. 5 (EXTRA SMALL) Threads
Will NOT Fit 2ba Darts!!!!!!

No.5 Conversion Points by Dynasty
Come in 25mm or 30mm : Silver or Black

No.5 conversion silver 25 mm
Silver - 25mm - No. 5 Thread

LipPoint No.5 Conversion point 30mm
Silver - 30mm - No. 5 Thread

Black No. 5 25mm conversion
Black - 25mm - No. 5 Thread

Dynasty No.5 Black 30 mm conversion point
Black - 30mm - No. 5 Thread


Dynasty No. 5 converts___Black #5 points

No 5 super small tips