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Big River Things, Inc
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Darts are Not Toys!

California Lead Warning: California health & safety code § 25249.6 and proposition 65 are laws that were passed in the state of California, in an effort to provide a safer environment. Lead is found on the list. All darts made from brass have a 3% lead content. Click here for more information.

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L-Style case

Krystal One Dart Case Colors
Blue - Clear - Yellow - Pink - Green - Red
- Black - Purple

The ultra customizable L-Style KRYSTAL ONE will allow any size darts, steel and soft to be stored.The Krystal One is a very durable strong case while still being lightweight. Case is made up of small parts which hold the darts.
Min Length Assembled: 3-11/16" Long
Max Lenth Assembled: 8-5/8'' Long
(with original included components)
Max Width (Top) - 3-5/8'' : Min Width (Tip End) - 1-3/4''
All Lengths below.
Comes with a Carabiner Hook, Wrap Band/Card Holder, and L-Style Flight Top Band.
Options: Custom Bands
(Darts & Accs. are Not Included)

Krystal One Yellow
Yellow : $34.00 : Out-of-Stock

Krystal One Pink
Pink : $34.00 : Out-of-Stock

Krystal One Black
Black : $34.00 : Out-of-Stock

Krystal One Red
Red : $34.00 : Out-of-Stock

Krystal One Green
Green : $34.00 : Out-of-Stock

Krystal One Purple
Purple : $34.00 : Out-of-Stock

Krystal One blue
Blue : $34.00 : Out-of-Stock

Krystal One Clear
Clear : $34.00 : Out-of-Stock

#1 - 2'' : #2 - 1-11/16'' : #3 - 1-11/16'' : #4 - 3/8'' : #5 - 2-5/8''
Min Length Assembled: 3-11/16" Long
Max Lenth Assembled: 8-5/8'' Long

Rear Image

Blue Krystal One dart holder
Back of Krystal One

Top of inside krystal one

Top of Flight Section

Krystal One dart holders

4-5/8'' darts

Krystal One with Custom Bands

Jinta Krystal One logo
1.866.55.DARTS (32787)