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California Lead Warning: California health & safety code § 25249.6 and proposition 65 are laws that were passed in the state of California, in an effort to provide a safer environment. Lead is found on the list. All darts made from brass have a 3% lead content. Click here for more information.



Robson Plus Flight +
340 microns
FLIGHTS - $7.00/set


Robson plus flightRobson Plus + dart flight

Robson Sportscraft is launching the Plus Flight in response to the demand of the darters' market for the molded plastic flights. The Plus Flight is designed to minimize added cost and to eliminate the inconvenience seen in using other plastic flights.

The built-in shaft protector eliminates the inconvenience and cost of punching holes for the shaft protector such as stem rings, aluminum band, champagne and shell lock rings. These holes further weaken the flight that may lead to tearing and ripping of the plastic. The built-in capsule protector protects the shaft and eliminate robin-hooding through its basic design.

The universal shaft slot eliminates the cost of using expensive specialized shafts to fit the flight and eliminates the inconvenience of adjusting to using the specialized shafts that comes with other designs. Any regular nylon and crystal flights will tightly fit the Plus Flight and other types of shafts also fit the slot. The universal shaft slot makes the Plus Flight very cost effective.

The Plus Flight is designed with a reinforced wing protector to minimize the tearing and ripping of plastic flights. By reinforcing the most common site of ripping in the plastic flight the Plus Flight is more durable and will last longer than other plastic flights.

The built-in flight protector protects the flight from robin-hooding and helps fortify the 90 degree angle of the wing span. The thickness of the wing span appropriately meets the need to maintain the cross-form of the 90 degree angle.

Click HERE for Robson PDF Whitesheet.

Robson Flights are compatible with all shafts... however- metal shafts will accelerate any breakdown and/or damage.

Robson+ Standard Flights
Wing Span : 35.00 mm
Wing Height Including Shaft Slot : 42.50 mm
Wing Height Excluding Shaft Slot : 41.50 mm
Weight : 0.80 grams

Robson Plus Standard
Robson Plus White
Shape Plus Green
Robson Plus + Standard Red
Standard - Black
Standard - White

Standard - Green

Standard - Red

Blue Robson Plus
Clear White Plus + flight
Robson + Orange
Robson + Orange
Standard - Blue
Std - Clear White

Standard - Purple
Standard - Orange

Robson + Orange
Robson + Orange
Standard - Yellow
Standard - Pink

Robson+ Small Standard (Shape) Flights
Wing Span : 31.80 mm
Wing Height Including Shaft Slot : 42.50 mm
Wing Height Excluding Shaft Slot : 41.50 mm
Weight : 0.70 gram

Shape Black Plus +
Small Standard White
Shape Plus Green
Shape Plus Green
Shape - Black

Shape - White
Shape - Green
Shape - Red

Shape + Yellow
Small Std Blue Robson
Shape - Pink
Shape - Yellow
Shape - Blue

Small Std Purple Robson
Shape - Orange
Shape - Clear White
Shape - Purple

Robson+ Fantail (F-Shape) Flights
Wing Span : 31.50 mm
Wing Height Including Shaft Slot : 42.50 mm
Wing Height Excluding Shaft Slot : 40.50 mm
Weight : 0.65 grams

Fantail Green
F-Shape Purple
Pink Robson F/S
Fantail - Green
Fantail - Purple
Fantail - Pink

Orange Plus Fantail
Fantail + Black
White F/S Fantail Plus flight
Fantail - Orange
Fantail - Black
Fantail - White

Milky F-Shape
White F/S Fantail Plus flight
Blue Robson +
Fantail - Clear White
Fantail - Red
Fantail - Blue

Robson+ Slim Flights
Wing Span : 23.70 mm
Wing Height Including Shaft Slot : 43.50 mm
Wing Height Excluding Shaft Slot : 41.50 mm
Weight : 0.63 grams

Robson Speed Flight Plus Black
Robson Plus Coal Cracker White
Slim Plus Red
Slim Plus Red

Slim - Black

Slim - White

Slim - Red
Slim - Pink

Robson Speed Flight  Blue
Robson Plus Coal Cracker Green Lime
Slim Plus Orange
Slim - Blue

Slim - Green
Slim - Orange

Slim Plus Orange
Slim - Clear White
Slim - Purple
Slim - Yellow

Robson+ Astra shape Flights
Wing Span : 33.50 mm
Wing Height Including Shaft Slot : 43.50 mm
Wing Height Excluding Shaft Slot : 41.50 mm
Weight : 0.67 grams

Black Astra Robson
Robson Astra Plus White
Red Astra Plus
YellowAstra Plus
Astra - Black
Astra - White
Astra - Red
Astra - Yellow

Blue Plus Astra Robson
Robson Astra Plus Pink
Orange Robson Astra Plus
Astra - Blue
Astra - Pink
Astra - Orange

Robson+ Teardrop (Pear) Flights

Pear Red
White Teardrop
Blue Pear Robson
Pear - Red
Pear - White
Pear - Blue

Pear Clear
Black Teardrop Robson
Pear - Clear White
Pear - Black

Robson+ Tear Drop / Pear Flights - V-Dart $9.00

Robson Pear
Pear V-Dart - White

Robson Plus Packaging

Robson Flights Banner

Robson Flights Standard Fantail Robson Plus Dart Flights
Robson Plus Flights Astra Slim Robson flights

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