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Wild Mouse, Minnesota, Extended, English Cricket
This is a version of cricket that also includes having to hit three doubles, three triples, and three bed shots (all three darts in the same number). You can also score on these targets the same way you can score on any of the cricket numbers. One dart cannot count two different ways. If you hit a triple 20 in your first turn, you can count it as three 20s or as one triple, not both. You do not have to call your targets and you can hit non-cricket numbers for your doubles, triples, and bed shots (so that irritating triple one you inevitably hit aiming at the triple twenty will finally count for something).
(Thanks Crow)
Underneath the standard 20 through 15 and B, mark D (for doubles), T (for triples), and 3B (for three-in-a-bed). (Three-in-a-bed means all three darts in the same scoring area. Most play this to mean all three darts in the same scoring wedge [e.g.,anywhere in the 20 wedge]; real dart-heads play all three darts must be in the same area with no wires in between them--e.g., all three in the double 20, all three in the outer single 20, all three in the triple 20, or all three in the inner single 20. Other variants include all three in the tripling ring or all three in the doubling ring.)
Played like normal Cricket, but with three other scores to close and score against. Note: you can score a lot if you close triples and your opponent hasn't. Because of the lower level dart player's difficulty inclosing beds, this variant can have an interesting catch-up aspect.
Most interesting about this variant is the judgment calls which must be made. Suppose you are shooting for 20s and get a double 20, a single 20, and a triple 20. Do you take it as: a bed; a double, a triple, and a 20; a double and four 20s; a triple and three 20s, or six twenties?
(Thanks Karlheinz)
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