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All Darts, Shafts, & Flights
come in SETS of THREE

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California Lead Warning: California health & safety code § 25249.6 and proposition 65 are laws that were passed in the state of California, in an effort to provide a safer environment. Lead is found on the list. All darts made from brass have a 3% lead content. Click here for more information.



Viper by GLD
V100 Viper 100 Flights

The V100 Flights’ namesake comes from the 100-micron construction, imparting high tensile strength and unprecedented control. Available in Slim for higher speeds or Standard for extra control.
Beautiful Transparency when opened.
100 micron construction gives high strength and durability.
Available in numerous colors and patters for extensive customization.
Made in the UK.
Suggested RetailYour Cost
1.99 1.35

VIPER V100 Metallic
Metallic Dart Bitch
Diva Slim
Diva Standard
Metallic Dart Bitch
30-3601 - Metallic DB Slim
30-3600 - Metallic Diva Slim
30-3500 - Metal Diva - Std.
30-3602 - Metallic Wizard

Slim V100 Hex Green
Green Hex V100
purple slim hex
Purple v-100 flight
30-6452 - Green Hex Slim
30-6402 - Green Hex Std
30-6453 - Purple Hex Slim
30-6403 - Purple Hex Std

Slim V100 Hex Orange
Orange Hex V100
blue slim hex
Blue  v-100 flight
30-6454 -Orange Hex Slim
30-6404 - Orange Hex Std
30-6450 - Blue Hex Slim
30-6400 - Blue Hex Std

Slim V100 Hex Red CC
Standard V100 Hex Red CC
Yellow skinny
Yello fat hex
30-6451 -Red Hex Slim
30-6401 -Red Hex Std
30-6457 -Yellow Hex Slim
30-6407 -Yellow Hex Std

Gray Clear Hex slim
Clear Hex Std
White Hex White Hex
30-6455 - Dk Gray-Clear Hex 30-6405 - Dk Gray-Clear Hex 30-6456 - White-Clear Hex 30-6406 - White-Clear Hex

Red Flux Standard
Red Metal Slim
Standard Blue Metallic Flux
Metal Blue
30-1820 - Metallic Red Std
30-1800 - Metallic Red Slim
30-1821 - Metallic Blue Std
30-1801 - Metallic Blue Slim

Purple Metallic Flux Flights
Skinny Purple Dart Flights
Green Metal
Green Kelly Metal slim
30-1822 - Metal Purple Std
30-1802 - Metal Purple Slim
30-1823 - Metal Green Std
30-1803 - Metal Green Slim

Silver and Black Metallic
Slim Silver Metal
Metallic Gold Flux
Slim Gold Flux Flight
30-1824 - Metal Silver Std
30-1804 - Metallic Silver Slim
30-1825 - Metallic Gold Std
30-1805 - Metallic Gold Slim

VIPER V100 Wings
Purple Red Wings
 V100 Green and Yellow Wings
Orange Wings V100
Cold Steel Standard
30-3525 - Red/Purple Wings
30-3526 -Blue/Green Wings
30-3527 - Orange Wings
30-3504 - Cold Steel Metallic

VIPER V100 Metallic
Metallic Dart Bitch
Diva Slim
Diva Standard
Metallic Dart Bitch
30-3601 - Metallic DB Slim
30-3600 - Metallic Diva Slim
30-3500 - Metal Diva - Std.
30-3602 - Metallic Wizard

Purple Oryx
Oryx Standard Purple
Slim Orange
Orange Oryx Fat Flight
30-6154 - Purple Slim
30-6105 - Purple Std
30-6156 - Orange Slim
30-6107 - Orange Std

Navy Blue Oryx flights
Fat Navy Blue Oryx 100 micron
Oryx Teal
30-6157 - Navy Slim
30-6108 - Navy Std
30-6159 - Teal Slim
30-6110 - Teal Std

Pink/Black Slim Oryx
Standard Pink
Lime Green Slim V100
Green Oryx Standard
30-6164 - Pink Slim
30-6115 - Pink Std
30-6166 - Green Slim
30-6102 - Green Std

Blue Slim V100 Oryx
Blue black Oryx standard dart flight
30-6153 - Yellow Slim
30-6150 - Blue Slim
30-6100 - Blue Std

Black and Gray
30-6161 - Gray Slim
30-6162 - Red Std

White Pink Slim
Pink White Std
White-Purple Viper100
Purple Oryx Standard
30-6165 - Pink Slim
30-6116 - Pink Std
30-6155 - Purple Slim
30-6106 - Purple Std

Navy and White CC
White/Teal coal cracker
Red White Viper 100
30-6158 - Navy Slim
30-6160 - Teal Slim
30-6163 - Red Slim

White-Blue slim
White Green CC Oryx
30-6151 - Blue Slim
30-6152 - Green Slim

Lumicore Green coal cracker
Green Lumicore Standard
Purple Slim Lumacore
Lumicore Purple
30-6265 - Green Slim
30-6215 - Green Std
30-6266 - Purple Slim
30-6216 - Purple Std

Gray Lumacore
Aqua Lumacore Teal
Teal/White Lumacore
30-6201 - Gray Std
30-6267 - Teal Slim
30-6217 - Teal Std

Red-Black V100
Red and Black Lumacore
Yellow Lumacore
30-6252 - Red Slim
30-6201 - Red Std
30-6250 - Yellow Slm